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Elderton Homes Blog

How to maximise new builds on small blocks of land

Our rapid population increase has paved the way for an equal increase of land prices and urban infill. To offset increasing land prices, sizes of lots available are becoming increasingly smaller in order to offer more affordable options.

If you’ve managed to score yourself a block of land and are ready to start the building process – well done!

Here are some essential tips on maximising your space, which will consequently allow you to get the most out of your investment.

1. Create multifunction rooms
Instead of having a room for every purpose, create spaces that can hold more than one. For example, a study ‘nook’ is a great alternative to a study or office. These can be built into storage spaces or under the stairs. Storage is essential – think outside the conventional norms for this one. Under stairwells, tables or within pieces of furniture like beds and lounges. When buying furniture, be sure to select pieces that serve multiple purposes, like lounges that can double as guest beds.

2. Create a feeling of space
Build high ceilings wherever possible. This will create a sense of light and spaciousness. Pair this with lots of windows and clever usage of mirrors to create the illusion of a much larger space than you actually have. You’ll also need to consider building your home according to the best light. In Australia, it is best to build your living areas facing north – this will ensure the space will get the most natural light. In terms of colour schemes, think white and bright. This will compliment natural light and will allow your furniture and art to stand out.

3. Eliminate unnecessary walls
Create a sense of flow and light by following an open plan style in your main living areas. This will not only give the impression of a larger space, but will also allow for natural light to flow throughout your house. Include as many windows as you can and if privacy is an issue, use opaque glass coverings. Sliding doors are also a great way to cordon off spaces without the obstructive impact of a wall.

4. Go vertical!
If you can’t build out, build up! Think floor to ceiling bookshelves and storage cabinets. In terms of outdoor living, if you don’t have the space for a garden, try a vertical garden. This way you can economise on garden areas by creating an outdoor living space without compromising a sense of greenery and nature!