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How To Style A Blank Wall

Let’s be honest… blank walls are daunting! Trying to style a blank wall can be quite intimidating, and while it is necessary to have a few in your home, too many can leave your house feeling empty and unfinished.

As a result, we have gathered a few helpful tips that will guide you in decorating blank walls and empty spaces -  think of them as blank canvases and get creative!

  1.   Fresh Paint

Consider a feature wall. Look to the pieces you have decorated the room with, and pick a colour that will complement the palette you have chosen. You don’t have to be bold; you can choose something more subtle that will allow the furniture, art and décor to shine. A tin of paint is a cheap and easy way to restyle your blank wall, and you can even do it yourself! If you’re feeling adventurous, and the space permits, look for an amazing wallpaper. Wallpaper is a great option if you have a neutral colour scheme throughout the room. They are a fantastic way of adding colour and texture.

  1.  Mirrors

Mirrors are underrated; some would agree that a mirror is a blank wall’s best friend, especially if it is a small space. They reflect light and open the room up, creating a sense of space. Apart from their reflective qualities, mirrors can be framed with ornate and creative frames that will add to the aesthetic of the entire room. Mirrors can be found in antique stores for great prices -  all you have to do is search for one that fits your space!

  1.   Shelving

Shelving is a fantastic way of combining practicality and style. Create your own library or dress them with decorative pieces and framed photographs. Furthermore, standalone shelves make an amazing feature to a wall and can be used in large or small spaces. You can also pick them up cheaply at most interior homewares stores. Design tip: look for a plant that you can place on the top of your shelving that will grow in a vine like formation down the shelf. Ferns are popular indoors as they look incredible with their amazing variety of foliage and are easy to look after!

  1.   Chalkboard Wall

Chalkboard walls are handy in a kitchen as a place to write reminders and shopping lists. Or paint them in a kids space as a creative way to integrate a fun and trendy feature the kids will go crazy for! They can easily be created with a tin of chalkboard paint which you can buy at your local paint store at an inexpensive price.

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