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Your Guide To Finding a Reliable Home Builder

Building a home is one of life’s great projects. It will be one of your largest investments and amongst your most valuable assets. Not just in monetary terms, but also for your lifestyle, your family and your future.

That’s why a project of this importance and magnitude shouldn’t be left to just anyone. It’s important to choose a reliable, trustworthy builder who can deliver a quality home that meets your budget and expectations, offering true value for money along the way.

Here’s a list of tips to help you choose the a prestige home builder who can make your dreams a reality:

Ask for the full, final price

It’s common for home builders and developers to lure unsuspecting customers with low face-value costs, only to hit them with the ‘hidden extras’ once all the contracts are signed. Site costs, land registration, tender and legal fees are all costs that need to be accommodated in a house build. Make sure you get a list of all costs before signing on the dotted line.


Not all home builders are created equal – while some offer premium and high quality products, others willingly cut corners by using inferior materials. It’s an important distinction to make; homes made from high quality products are more durable, robust, can withstand the rigours of everyday life while maximising your home’s resale value. Homes made from inferior products can’t make the same claims.


When completing a project of this scale, you’re not just looking for a great builder – you’re also looking for someone who can deliver a great experience and first-class customer service. It’s important to find a builder who is open, responsive and happy to communicate with you from initial enquiry through to final completion.


Building a home should be a collaborative project between builder and buyer. This is, after all, your future and it’s important that the final design truly captures what you want from a home. When choosing a builder, make sure you find someone who is happy to accommodate any amendments to layout or design that reflect your individual style and requirements.


Do you know preconstruction could take up to 6 months with any builder or longer depending on council approval times?

The time it takes to build a home from the time you pay your deposit to the time you get your keys may vary substantially and heavily depends on when your land registers.

Also be aware of construction start dates before placing your deposit. Some builders are limited to how many jobs they can start per month, so you may a place a deposit only to find out that your house wont start construction for months. This is an important factor to consider if you plan to rent or use a storage provider during the home build.

Reputation and Licensing

In the construction industry, reputation is everything. Make sure you choose fully accredited and licensed builders.

Don’t be afraid to ask the builder for references from recent clients. It’s also highly recommended that you refer to the NSW Department of Fair Trading, Home Industry Association (HIA), and the Master Builders Association (MBA) to ensure your builder is licensed, registered and has the professional credentials to complete your project.

It’s paramount to select a builder who is fully licensed and has home warranty insurance. It ensures that your home will be built to meet certain standards of quality, and protects you and your family in the event of any problems during or after construction.

Don’t Get Caught Out

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