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Tips for a Successful Display Home Visit

Visiting a display home is an exciting part of the pre-construction process. It takes your ideas from floorplan to something tangible, something that you can see and touch.

While we thoroughly recommend that first time home builders make time to visit a display home, we also caution against getting caught up in the high-end furniture and professional styling that often adorns display homes.

Display home visits are your chance to get a feel for the nitty-gritty of your potential new home, exposing any potential flow or design flaws.

Think about the overall home design and layout, always ask for a floor plan so you can better imagine how you would live in that space.

Then ask yourself, do you need more of less space? Is there enough living space? Are the bedrooms big enough? Does my kitchen function the way I need it to?

If visiting a display home is part of your planning process, then here are a few tips to help you get the most from your visit:

Have A Game Plan

Arrive with a clear idea of what you’re looking for. Read company brochures and take virtual tours before your arrive. Being prepared means you’re less likely to be dazzled by furniture or colour schemes and can focus on your main objective — finding out if this is a home you could live in.

Flow and Functionality

Assessing the flow and functionality of the home should be your top priority. Open doors to check that they don’t scrape against light switches, open cupboards and assess whether they’re likely to cause congestion hotspots when put to the test of everyday life. Carefully examine the space and orientation of each room and decide whether it can accommodate your furniture, not the furniture carefully chosen for display. Is there enough room to entertain your wider family and friends? How about room and access for pets? Picture you and your family using the space and whether the house can accommodate your specific needs.

Orientation and Land Features

Compare the topography and orientation of your land with that of the display lot. Are they similar, or different? If there are stark differences it could impact how well your selected house performs on your actual lot. It could also dictate whether you have room for a pool, spa and the type of garden you want to plant. Also keep an eye out for window orientation and how this could impact heating, cooling, energy efficiency and natural light. If such features are important to you, keep in mind that north facing windows receive double the winter sun than east and west facing windows. Conversely, east and west facing windows receive excessive sunlight in summer which may require shading.

Beware the Premium Upgrades

It’s important to remember that display homes are often fitted with premium features that aren’t included in base home packages. Elements such as bench tops, tiles and fittings can vary depending on the particular package you plan to build. If you’re building a base home package then getting the top-notch elements you’ll see in a display home may require paying for upgrades that will impact your budget.

The Fundamentals

When visiting a display home it’s easy to get distracted by the beautiful interiors, all designed to sweep you off your feet. What’s more important however is looking for the fundamental elements that you will use everyday, and contribute to the overall liveability of your home. This means checking for adequate storage, thoughtful placement of power points, available phone, internet and television connections and other essential utilities.

Capture Your Experiences

If you’re visiting multiple display homes it’s easy for all the elements to blend together. The individual features of different homes blur, and suddenly you can’t remember one home from another. Be sure to take notes, photos, ask questions and write down your overall impressions. You’ll be glad you went the extra mile when sitting down and assessing all the different options later.

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